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Permits are Issued
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Noon - 4:30pm

January 1, 2012 the State of Colorado required all Counties with greater than 40% forested land to implement an Open Burn Permit Program. La Plata County is 70% forested land. The La Plata County permit program was entitled Open Fire Control so as to distinguish it from burn bans implemented by the La Plata County Board of County Commissioners during times of significant fire danger.

The process for those individuals residing in the Durango Fire Protection District and in La Plata County is:

The application can be accessed by clicking on the “Burn Permit Application” above.
You may complete the application on line with the exception of your initials and signature.
Print the application and bring it to 104 Sheppard Drive.
To ensure that there is someone available to process your application, please bring your application in on Monday, Wednesday or Friday between 12:00 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.
The day you burn, please contact Central Dispatch at 970-385-2900 to advise them you are burning. They will ask for your permit number.
Burn piles are restricted in size to 4 feet x 4 feet and the material to be burned shall be limited to natural vegetation less than 6 inches in diameter. Burns greater in size may require a State of Colorado smoke permit.

The State of Colorado does not allow the burning of coated or treated wood products, tree stumps, cut lumber, construction debris, plastics, tires, rubber and other chemical products.

Agricultural burns, where the land is listed as agricultural by the Tax Assessor, are not required to obtain a burn permit.

No open burning is permitted within the City Limits of Durango other than recreational fires (3’ x 3’ x 2’) for cooking and warming.